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5 Reasons Jesus Is Awesome!

I don’t believe we need to dumb down the Gospel for this generation. To dumb it down insults some very talented and capable people. I don’t believe we need to make the Gospel relevant to them either…. But we must recognize that this generation didn’t grow up in Sunday School. They don’t possess an intimate background with the Bible or any knowledge of the complex theology or history that lies therein. And many of them are content with their Biblical ignorance.

With that said, we don’t need to dumb down the Gospel or stop preaching it, rather we need to present it using language and mediums that are familiar to people devoid of any understanding of “Christianense.” And I believe the Gospel doesn’t need to be made relevant because the Good News that God loves His creation enough to not leave it mired in sin is always relevant! But as Paul recognized, you preach it differently according to your audience. And from Mars Hill Paul preached the Gospel in a way that pagan Greeks could “get it.”

We need to stop assuming that people will inherently “get it.” The Holy Spirit is alway key to people “getting it” but God wouldn’t call us to share the Gospel if He planned on doing it all by Himself!

So here is my attempt at relating Jesus to a generation who has very little knowledge of the real Christ. Jesus isn’t boring. We should never make Him out to be. Jesus is Awesome!

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