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“Hi, my name is David Dorn and this is The Pursuit Blog…”

In 2006 God led me to write down a conversation that I had with Him after a night praying on the beach. I ended up posting that blog on Facebook and it got a good response. That following week I began to write more and more and post my thoughts on Facebook. People enjoyed my honest look at life through a Christian perspective, and it helped them see God in a different light. I began a Facebook group and started sending out these devotionals to them. A year later I had over 2,000 people subscribed to my group.

In 2009, I left my job as a Youth Pastor to move to Kentucky for Seminary as I pursue my call to ordained ministry in the United Methodist Church. It was then that I decided to take my Facebook ministry and move it to a full-fledged website to help people pursue God better. At that time I began a YouTube vlog/show to reach a different group of people. That YouTube ministry flourished and grown into 660,000+ views, 3,000 subscribers and many people who have heard and responded to the Gospel.

In 2011, blogs I have written here have gone on to be featured on the website MinistryMatters.com

In 2012, I received the privilege to expand my ministry by producing a video Bible study for youth and young adults. You can watch and participate in PREPOSTEROUS which is not your typical Bible study by visiting PreposterousProject.com.

But The Pursuit Blog will always be where I ramble about God’s workings in my life…

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