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Bad Days Are Selfish…

Bad days are inherently selfish. They are all about “me,” “my problems,” “my life.” Ever hear someone say that they are having a bad day for someone else? Probably not unless someone lost a loved one or some other major crisis occurred. But no one shares the mundane bad days…

Selfishness accomplishes nothing. Typically it results in nothing more than furtherance of problems. Bad days don’t get better because of one’s own internal pity party, and this comes from a professional pity-party-er! Jesus faced bad days a lot, but do you recall Him ever throwing His hands up in the air and blaming the world? No, rather He stretched His arms out upon a cross willing taking on the world’s worst of days.

The solution to a bad day is simple. Focus on someone else. The antithesis of selfishness lies in concern for others. Your boss riding everyone’s case? Try cheering up another coworker who can’t handle the pressure. Woke up with a headache? Try encouraging the single mother with her hair unkempt and two kids hanging off of her while standing in the checkout line. Relationship just ended suddenly? Then pour your time into a child whose dealing with the divorce of his or her parents. Bank account less than you thought? Give what cash you have to the homeless guy with the “Please Help” sign standing at the red light.

Carry each other’s burdens, and in this way you will fulfill the law of Christ.” – Galations 6:2 NIV

You can legitimize your own problems without dwelling on them. But bad days only fade away when you focus on another’s burdens. In this way we act as Christ in someone’s life during their time of need. And when Christ is lived out like this, others not only see Christ better, but live like Him too. You never know, maybe the next time you have a bad day, someone will step into your circumstances, taking on your problems, to make your burden lighter!

God Bless,

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