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Believe in what GOD?

What God do you believe in?

Is He BIG?
or is he little…

Can your God handle tough questions like why is there pain, suffering, hunger, and fear in the world?
or does your god not allow refuse to answer the honest questions of his creation?

Does your God love? I mean completely love… love enough to experience your pain.. love enough to not allow you stay the way you are… Is you God LOVE?
or is your god more caught up with you getting everything right? do this, don’t do that. is that what your god is about?

The grace of your God, does it fall down upon you like rain, washing away all your dirt and crud? Does your God forgive generously all of your sins; ALL of your sins?
or does your god hand out death and judgment, throwing lightning bolts to zap all wrongdoers, making you pay for your mistakes?

Does your God cry?
or does your god enjoy people’s tears?

Will your God allow you to be free?
or will your god predetermine what you will do?

Does your God care about the state of people?
or does your god care more about people’s political views?

What God do you believe in?

Too many people believe in a jerk of a god, one that is too small to handle their problems or too apathetic to care about real people with real hardships. I challenge you, pick up your Bible, discover who God is. But don’t separate what you read from the people God gave the Bible too. Its when you encounter people with problems that God’s love comes alive.


Start an honest search for God. You will be overjoyed with who you find!

You will seek me and find me when you seek me with all your heart.” – Jeremiah 29:13

Bible in Estes Chapel

God Bless,

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