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Crazy Christians…

We need Christians, who possess knowledge of the Bible, theology, and the grace of Jesus Christ to go online, witnessing to the world. Otherwise Christians who are passionate yet with no knowledge, misrepresent what we hold so dear. And they represent us to the world. God save us…

Read this comment I got today.

“Jesus hung on a tree´╗┐ and said “IT IS FINISHED” he fulfilled the law and the prophets and by Gods grace the gentiles received the holy ghost as well as the Jews. Then Satan rose up constantine in the spirit of Anti Christ. He brought back in all the Jesus Christ fulfilled. constantine brought back; temples made with hands, keeping days holy, paying tithes, priests, he gave a never dying false Jesus to the world called the pope and he made a law book called the bible. then king james was born 6, 1566, 6th king of scotland he authorized 66 books of the bible and gave them power to speak (the bible says). THE BIBLE IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST”

Makes me wonder where he got the idea of “anti-christ” and “beast” since that came from the book of Revelations…

I keep harping on the need for Christians to go online and be Christians there, testifying to the hope that is within them, because this type of crazy Christianity is what I find is out there. These guys are passionate, yes, but oh so Scripturally wrong.

Let’s not give the world the need to pray “God save me from your followers!”

God Bless,

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