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Drive-By Jesus Experiment

Have you ever encountered this message from someone who comes out of no where? “You’re going to Hell…. but Jesus loves you!” And then poof, the person who said that walks out of your life as quickly as they entered. This is the majority of the messages directed to to non-believers online. The largest mission field in the world is at our finger tips and this is the message we give them, with no care about who they are and with no relationship formed. We can do better than that!

Everyone believes they know truth. But their truth is not our Truth. Yet how can we convince them that our Truth is real? Many try by… “My Truth is better than your truth because the Bible says so!” Yes, but do you honestly think that telling someone your right and their wrong is going to work in a postmodern world? The Holy Spirit moves and opens people’s minds, yes, but let’s give Him something better to work with shall we!

The Drive by Jesus Experiment is an attempt to redefine this conversation online. For the month of July, I am going to do an online, interactive Bible study set in the context of someone’s life… mine. Each day those that watch are invited to read a chapter of Proverbs each day. I will read and pick out a verse or two that I want to focus on, and film my life trying to live out those verses. At the end of the day, I will post the video and ask people to weigh in on what they learned from reading the chapter. The point is to show how my Truth affects the way I live and think, why the Truth I follow is real! And the plan is to invite people to see how this same Truth works in their lives. Make sense?

If you are interested in following along, subscribe to the YouTube channel where the videos will be posted. (I will not post them all on Facebook for fear of overwhelming those who are not interested in following this project with 31 videos!). Here is the YouTube page http://www.youtube.com/user/thepursuitblog

And follow me on Twitter to get the Scripture verses sent to you every day! http://twitter.com/#!/thepursuitblog

This will be a great way to introduce your non-Christian friends the Bible because Proverbs is wisdom literature. Everybody needs wisdom, and I will be talking about Jesus in a fun, interesting, and insightful way as I live my life. And maybe people will feel led to film their lives too! May we together change this online conversation for the better.

Here is the introductory video…

God Bless,

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