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Driving with the Windows Up – A Commentary on Connectivity

Driving with the widows up is indicative of the state of our culture. Not everywhere do people drive fully rolled up. But in America, by and large, we do. It’s for convenience I know. I like my AC as much as anyone else. Yet the real-life metaphor present when we travel windows up is that we are guarded and set off, isolated from the world happening around us. We feel nothing of the experience “outside” our safe structure. Sure, we are going places, perhaps even wonderful places, but we don’t experience any of the journey.

Stick your arm out of a moving car. It blows around in the wind, even stinging a little. Feel the rush and hear the roar of the wind. That is life. Take in the smells. The smell is not pristine, there even are ever changing odors and aromas that blow by at 55 mph.

In the 21st century, we feel more connected than ever to people and the world. We log on, tune in, skype, tweet, share, blog… all wonderful ways of keeping in touch, but we have somehow lost touch with reality. We isolate ourselves as we delve into our phones, headphones, computers, tv’s, and yes, even our closed windowed cars. We experience the world from the safety of arms length and fingertips away from actual contact with reality. We even regulate our bodies in a series of uppers and downers controlling our energy, moods and sleeping patterns. It is as if we are even fearful of experiencing ourselves.

None of these things are wrong or harmful by themselves but we lull ourselves into a false sense of reality by our habitual fear of feeling something unpleasant. Life is and always has been a series of emotions and sensations ranging from the joyous and ecstatic to the painful and depressing. I love what the comedian Mark Lowery used to say in one of his routines, “Christ said that I have come to give you life, but not just life – life more abundant.”1 If life is full of these emotions and sensations, abundant life means more of this…


Ride with the windows down…

Embrace the sting of sicking your arm out of the window…

Get your hair messy in the breeze…

Take in the smell of the fresh cut grass and the odor of the skunk near by…

Experience the life you have now. Anything less amounts to rejecting a wonderful gift from God.

God Bless,

1. http://nontech.org/lifemoreabundant.html

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