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Existing: or otherwise known as “to be”

To be

It simply means to exist. Past, present, future. “To be” conjugates into all tenses. Yet I’m concerned with the present. God is too. When God introduces Himself to Moses in the burning bush, Moses asks God, “Who should I say sent me?” God thought about it, and simply replied, “Tell them, I AM sent you.” I can sense Moses frustration when he retorted, “Who???” (my translation).

God introduces Himself with a “to be” phrase, I AM. God simply is

Lately life keeps flashing by, seemingly at the speed of light. Yet lately there have been moments with where my wife and I just simply exist with one another. I can’t imagine a more genuine way to live. In the midst of the whirlwinds of life, I exist with my wife. I’m present with her; resting with her; enjoying her company. To be with her is an act of marvelous grace in and of itself. I can be “me” and simply “me” with her with no other pretensions. I am with her and she is with me.

I struggle with just being with God. Its hard to simply exist with the great I AM. Perhaps its because I’d rather do and not be; perhaps I feel its a waste of time. I don’t know. Yet I know I long for it. I long to exist in God’s presence, dwelling instead of doing. Imagine the rest and rejuvenation that comes from that relationship!

I want that.

I need that.

To be with I AM, existing in a loving, nurturing relationship. Its possible. Its desirable. And from what I hear, its easier than it looks. God is so we can be too. He’s ever present and ever ready to give us rest. So slow down (I’m preaching to myself now) and exist before God.

To be or not to be, that is the question!”

God Bless,

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