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Getting Lost in the Store: Thoughts on the Faithfulness of God

I was always afraid of getting lost. In a big store, as a kid, it is easy to find yourself without your parents. That fear has followed me my whole life.

Hasn’t it followed all of us?

Aren’t we all afraid of being left alone?

Recently I’ve begun a new venture. It’s the most ambiguous thing I’ve ever done and it’s something that could forever shape my career, for good or bad. The gravity of my situation ignites this fear, this fear of being lost in the enormity of it all.

But then there is God.

I consistently am amazed how often He is not in my thoughts as a factor in my situations, when, in fact, He is the only factor that really matters. As I was reading Psalms this week, God spoke…

“Do you think I would lead you to this place only to leave you?” God questioned my conception of Him. Basically God was calling me out on what I believed about Him. I know my God doesn’t leave His people out to dry. I know my God keeps His promises. I know my God is faithful.

Where is my fear? Where is my worry?


My anxieties fled the building with one question from my LORD. One radical moment changed weeks of worry. One gracious interaction has altered the way I see everything… Amen.

What anxieties do you need God to dispel in your life? Take them to Him. He is faithful and cares. I promise.

God Bless,

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