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God is not angry with you

Published on February 28, 2012 by in Doubt, Love, Sin

“God is not angry with you.” This was one of the simplest yet profound things I’ve heard this weekend.

So much is packed in that small sentence, so much relief…

God does what we often are not capable of… separating what we do from who we are.

We sin.

We make mistakes.

We hurt people.

We hurt ourselves.

We wrap our actions into the way we see ourselves, but God doesn’t.

God isn’t angry with us, but what we do. We sin. But who are is God’s creation. And let me tell you, God loves His creation…

I grew up with religious self condemnation, always thinking God was mad at me. But can a parent ever really be angry with their child, or is a parent’s anger over their child’s decisions?

Casting off my assumption of God’s cantankerous emotional state towards myself has been hugely liberating. I hope that for you.

God is not angry with you, rather He loves you deeply, enough to really want you to make better decisions.

God Bless,

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