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God Likes LEGOs

From what I know about God, He likes LEGOs…

Some of you may think that God likes Hot Wheels more, or maybe G.I Joes (or for you girls “Barbies” but I have a strong aversion to even having the thought that God likes Barbies.) It all depends on the way you understand God…

The God I believe in likes LEGOs, not because they were my favorite toys growing up (literally, growing up half of my room was one large LEGO fort) but because I think the concept of LEGOs captures who God is at a deep level. God’s “will” allows for you to be creative!

I believe that God asks His creation to participate in furthering creation. I believe God gives us a big box of LEGOs and invites us to “have fun and create!” God gives each of us instructions to get to what He designed for us, but allows us room to add and change that plan. The God I believe in allows for my mistakes and encourages me to enjoy the process as I decide to put this thing called life together. And the Holy Spirit as the Master Builder gives me direction when I get off course or when my design is headed for failure; but ultimately God lets me make of my bricks what I decide.

Others believe God likes Hot Wheels. He gives you a wrapped up car; it’s fancy but it’s static. It doesn’t change. You can make it go fast or slow but you have no control over what that car looks like or does. It’s just there. These people believe God has one plan for your life, and that’s that. You have no control, and you always risk getting off track thereby disappointing God.

Still others believe God likes G.I. Joes or Barbies (shutter). You can buy lots of play sets and customize their equipment and accessories, but your action figure or doll is always going to be the same figure. You can adapt it but only in variations. Some people believe God has His will for their lives, and that “will” can accommodate some changes, like bigger guns or prettier dresses. But, though you may dress it in different ways, it’s always the same will, just maybe with a plan A or B.

But I believe God likes LEGOs. He has a direction, sometimes even a specific design, but allows His creation (me) to, in turn, create.

Which do you believe about God?

I will say this, understanding that God allows you to create, certainly makes big decisions easier because God is big enough to accommodate all of your possibilities.

(I miss my LEGO collection!)

God Bless,

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