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I Am Sorry: An Apology to Gays, Atheists, and More… ll Spoken Word

How do you minister to a generation of unchurched youth and young adults who have been jaded by religion? You start off with an apology…

I am sorry, I apologize
not for who I am, a Christian,
but for all the lies
carried out under the guise of my Savior,
Jesus Christ.

We have all been hurt,
we’ve all been offended
at one time or another
by some religious folks,
with good intentions.

So first I’d like to say
I’m sorry to you atheists for the way
some have treated you, reviled you,
and argued you to the ground,
instead of having open conversation
and letting love abound.

And if you’re gay
I’m sorry to you too
You see it’s been some of my brothers and sisters who,
have not treated you well
condemning all of you to Hell.
And not showing, indiscriminately, a love that’s contagious,
acting more like Satan’s spawn then
Jesus who came to save us.

I apologize to women who throughout church history
who have been relegated to staying at home
with no voice of their own.
But in Christ there is neither, Jew or Greek
neither Slave or Free
neither man or his sidekick.
All are equal
and are under the same
the Name who is above all others names.

To my Catholic friends I am sorry
for those that want to throw you out.
You have a pope, of which I don’t agree
but that doesn’t mean you’re so much different than me.

I’m sorry for war,
specifically done in Jesus name.
Jesus said who lives by the sword
will die by the same.
How much more shame to the ones who killed for His fame?

I’m sorry to the poor,
Jesus said watch after you when He left
there are so many of you yet,
and He won’t soon forget the actions of His followers.

I’m sorry for those Christian movies, music, and art
some being poorly constructed works
with the name of Jesus at the heart.
I thought we were to do
everything to our best,
but is our best not as good
as the best of other men?

But I’m not sorry and I won’t apologize
for my belief in a God who sees through all our lies
through the messes that we make
through the pain that we cause
and still loves us just the same
just look at His son!

For while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.
Its this thought that I claim
that we love
everyone no matter at what stage of life people are.

And I’m not sorry for
the millions who came before
and the millions who’ll come after
who have lived humble lives,
faithfully followed Christ,
and have changed the world forever!

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