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Inconvenienced by God


Running late….just left work…mind running wild from the day’s events…in a hurry…my life is currently consumed with getting to my destination, now. And now is not the best time to be stuck behind someone driving well under the speed limit when all I want to do is fly down the backroads of Kentucky! Augh, can’t pass him. My mind is trailing off while I follow impatiently behind this slow SUV. And then brake lights…

Lying before me lay a sharp turn in the road, like 90 degree sharp turn. I had previously forgotten about this deathtrap as my mind was still pondering my new job. Once before I had forgotten about that turn and nearly wrecked. But that SUV, that slow cumbersome SUV served as a warning, a buffer, a guardian angel to my near tragedy. Sometimes the inconvenience we face is actually God stepping in the way.

Often we each are inconvenienced by God, not because He enjoys our frustration, but because we are going too fast…not paying enough attention…too focused on the wrong things. Each of us have the propensity to get wrapped up in ourselves, failing to notice the bigger picture. And sometimes missing the bigger picture leads to our destruction, a wreck, a failed relationship, a missed opportunity, a lost chance to experience love.

Being inconvenienced may just save you…

Baalam learned this in the Old Testament as he journeyed where God told him not to go. His inconvenience was a donkey that kept running him into a wall. As Baalam went to beat his ass (pun intended) the donkey talked. And “Then the LORD opened Balaam’s eyes, and he saw the angel of the LORD standing in the road with his sword drawn. So he bowed low and fell facedown.” – Numbers 22:31 NIV The donkey saved Baalam’s life, but how do you think the donkey talked apart from God?

So the next time you find yourself facing setback after setback, with slow people in front of you, a schedule that just don’t seem to work, incompetent people keeping you from your task, know that God very well may be at work, keeping you from near destruction.

God Bless,

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