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NeedToCatchYour…Breath… I mean Ruach

Infact,whatIneedis ruach.

Ruach in Hebrew literally means breath, air, and wind. I could use a little bit of all of that. It carries the connotation of freshness or newness. To me, wind, air and breath conjure up wonderful images of just getting outside and taking in life. Ever wander outside on a cool windy day? Isn’t it lovely? Doesn’t the briskness make you feel alive again?

But ruach also means something else… It translates into “Spirit”. Often when I find myself needingtobreathe, what in fact I am longing for is a renewed communion with the Holy Spirit. I need ruah.

What is it mean to be close with the Holy Spirit you might ask? For me, it is that inner calm and peace that washes over me when I praise God. It is the inspiration I get when I am in deep prayer with the Father. It is the comfort and security that stays me in the midst of a rough day. And frankly, I need some of it right now.

So often we find ourselves drowning in the sea of our own “to do” lists. We fight for a breath, trying to come up for air. But what if when we catch ourselves being tossed around, we not only take a break, we also yearn for a renewed connection with the Spirit of God. And in that connection, we will find what it feels like to be alive again, and what it means to be deeply loved.

Life is so much easier to face after you catch a breath.

God Bless,

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