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On being a Jesus Genius

“No one is a genius all the time. The goal is to be a genius once. And then perhaps again. Small steps.”

Those are the brilliant words of Seth Godin in his delightful yet small book “Graceful”.

These words resonate with me.

It is a call to break away from mediocrity.

Recently I watched a documentary on Bobby Fischer. I love documentaries. They inspired me. When I need to get out of my head, I find a good documentary does the trick. I like Bobby Fischer. Growing up, I studied Bobby Fischer a great deal. I admired his grandmaster chess genius.

But what is genius?

The documentary held the key. The narrator of the documentary said genius isn’t automatic, but geniuses spends time (apparently 10,000 hours is average in one’s field) before they ever emerge to reveal themselves as the brilliant people we know and respect.

What if this is true. 10,000 hours in preparation is awe-inspiring yet frightening. Yet what if that is what it takes? Are you willing to spend that kind of time for something you value?

You don’t have to be born that way (although that helps) but be willing to devote yourself to something that entirely…

I once had a conversation with a man that wanted to know how God loves us. He wanted all the answers to his impossible questions and he wanted them in 140 characters or less. After talking about Jesus, he still had many more questions. When I told him that his questions would take a lifetime to discover, he was dejected. He wanted quick answers. He replied, “I don’t have the time.”

We may never reach genius status in our relationship with Jesus, but we should shoot for getting this one thing right. Are we willing to put forth the time, effort, contemplation, wonder, and life experience to really grow in our relationship with Christ?

The goal is to be a “genius”, a grandmaster, a faithful Christ follower…

Small steps.

God Bless,

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