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God’s Peace is…

God’s peace is better than anything you could obtain by trying with all of your might.

In chaos, we in our feeble attempts try to control our situation. It’s natural actually. Bringing order to disorder is a human characteristic. Yet despite how hard we try, sometimes, the harder we work, the more work it becomes.

What defies our logic is the very thing we ought to do. The very way to bring order to our chaos is not to control the situation but to not control our situation. We transfer the control to the One who is capable of bringing control to us.

This often requires waiting. If you are no longer working to maintain a robust situation, you have no other option than to wait. It is in the waiting that God’s peace can actually catch up with us. God’s peace is like a warm blanket on a cold day. You can’t enjoy it if you are rushing about, but once you sit still, it envelopes you, calming your body from all of its shaking and trembling.


You can breath again when you are at peace.

Though you are tempted to worry, that peace invites you to stay waiting a while longer, enjoying the embrace of the God who moves in mysterious ways.

You cannot force this peace, it only comes when you give up, control that is; when you give up control, then God’s peace reigns.

And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.” – Philippians 4:7

God Bless,

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Why Death and Pain are not the Opposite of Life…

Death is not always the opposite of life, sometimes it’s the punctuation. For some it is the exclamation! But I believe it is the comma, a mere pause in the journey of forever.

They go on… we don’t… at least not yet.

Those left behind feel the sympathy pains of death. We feel the sadness and the nag of regret, the pain that exists beyond death.

The dead don’t…

Our deceased loved ones cease to feel the way we do now. The people at the bottom of the obituary, the alive pick up the pain where the dead leave it off.

In one of the most profound works of fiction I have read (masked as young adult fiction), the author John Green writes, “That’s the thing about pain…it demands to be felt.” (from The Fault in Our Stars)

Pain demands to be present.

And pain is present in death for those left alive, no matter how the dead lived their life. Make sense? Even when we know our loved one loved Jesus, pain still remains.

Pain hurts,

Death hurts.

But death is not the opposed to life nor is it to be feared. It simply is.


Death stands as the bridge into the hereafter, eternity. In Christ, death marks the end of the prequel and begins the forever; and forever is good.

Pain isn’t to be pushed aside, neglected, or ignored either. It demands to be felt. Life is feeling, so live…feel…cry…laugh…love…forgive. Don’t shy away from any of it.

God Bless,

(In memory of my Grandmother Mary Wilcox [1925-2012], who always taught me to make the most of what you have now. I love you Grandma..)

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On being a Jesus Genius

“No one is a genius all the time. The goal is to be a genius once. And then perhaps again. Small steps.”

Those are the brilliant words of Seth Godin in his delightful yet small book “Graceful”.

These words resonate with me.

It is a call to break away from mediocrity.

Recently I watched a documentary on Bobby Fischer. I love documentaries. They inspired me. When I need to get out of my head, I find a good documentary does the trick. I like Bobby Fischer. Growing up, I studied Bobby Fischer a great deal. I admired his grandmaster chess genius.

But what is genius?

The documentary held the key. The narrator of the documentary said genius isn’t automatic, but geniuses spends time (apparently 10,000 hours is average in one’s field) before they ever emerge to reveal themselves as the brilliant people we know and respect.

What if this is true. 10,000 hours in preparation is awe-inspiring yet frightening. Yet what if that is what it takes? Are you willing to spend that kind of time for something you value?

You don’t have to be born that way (although that helps) but be willing to devote yourself to something that entirely…

I once had a conversation with a man that wanted to know how God loves us. He wanted all the answers to his impossible questions and he wanted them in 140 characters or less. After talking about Jesus, he still had many more questions. When I told him that his questions would take a lifetime to discover, he was dejected. He wanted quick answers. He replied, “I don’t have the time.”

We may never reach genius status in our relationship with Jesus, but we should shoot for getting this one thing right. Are we willing to put forth the time, effort, contemplation, wonder, and life experience to really grow in our relationship with Christ?

The goal is to be a “genius”, a grandmaster, a faithful Christ follower…

Small steps.

God Bless,

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What is Creativity?

What is creativity?

I live in a box. My box is like the box next to me. In fact, I live in a row of boxes. Each box looks the same, feels the same.

But my box is different. My box reflects me.

I have a wife who refuses to settle for ordinary. In fact, she takes ordinary and tinkers with it until it reaches extraordinary status. If you ever get a chance to come by my home for a visit, you will see, my box is unlike the others. Thank you Aimee, my passionate wife who abhors mediocrity.

Returning to my question, what is creativity? Creativity is taking the ordinary,

the mundane,

the common,

the average,

and transforming it. Creativity molds what ever is being created, or recreated, to look like the one doing the creating.

You have a body. Your body looks a lot like the body next to you. You live in a world of similar looking bodies. Some taller than others; some darker than others; some work better than others; but they all look like a body.

But God doesn’t look at the body; He looks on the inside. And given the opportunity to renovate, He recreates you to reflect Himself. After all, He is the one doing the creating. He just awaits the invitation to come in and start working…

You have to open the door of your box.

Now, that is an obvious parallel to this question, “what is creativity?” albeit a rabbit trail of one… But to take this to the next level, the question then is, “who is creative?”

I have the pleasure of people calling me creative. I did not believe their observation until recently. I had always thought creativity was either something genetic, passed down from our parents and their parents before them; or that creativity flowed out of one side of the brain or the other. Yet is creativity really something so mundane as “you either got it or you don’t”?

I’ve come to understand that creativity is more creative than a checkmark in a grocery list of human attributes.

“Check ‘yes’ or ‘no.’”

It is God’s refection on us.

When humanity was floating around as a possibility in the consciousness of God, (thought I’m not sure how that process went), I am certain He didn’t create us in His image meaning 2 arms, 2 legs, 2 eyes, 1 nose, 1 mouth, etc. But He formed us with some of His attributes.

God is creative.

We are creative.

Some have discovered this; others are learning.

The question, “what is creativity?” stands as an eternal pursuit of what we already have… and don’t know it.

God wants to recreate you from the inside out to reflect the goodness of Himself. (*Note Sin deforms us, hence the need for recreation.) And He wants you to, in turn, do some creating yourself.

Make your box unlike the other boxes because it reflects God’s prized creation: you.

God Bless,

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Driving with the Windows Up – A Commentary on Connectivity

Driving with the widows up is indicative of the state of our culture. Not everywhere do people drive fully rolled up. But in America, by and large, we do. It’s for convenience I know. I like my AC as much as anyone else. Yet the real-life metaphor present when we travel windows up is that we are guarded and set off, isolated from the world happening around us. We feel nothing of the experience “outside” our safe structure. Sure, we are going places, perhaps even wonderful places, but we don’t experience any of the journey.

Stick your arm out of a moving car. It blows around in the wind, even stinging a little. Feel the rush and hear the roar of the wind. That is life. Take in the smells. The smell is not pristine, there even are ever changing odors and aromas that blow by at 55 mph.

In the 21st century, we feel more connected than ever to people and the world. We log on, tune in, skype, tweet, share, blog… all wonderful ways of keeping in touch, but we have somehow lost touch with reality. We isolate ourselves as we delve into our phones, headphones, computers, tv’s, and yes, even our closed windowed cars. We experience the world from the safety of arms length and fingertips away from actual contact with reality. We even regulate our bodies in a series of uppers and downers controlling our energy, moods and sleeping patterns. It is as if we are even fearful of experiencing ourselves.

None of these things are wrong or harmful by themselves but we lull ourselves into a false sense of reality by our habitual fear of feeling something unpleasant. Life is and always has been a series of emotions and sensations ranging from the joyous and ecstatic to the painful and depressing. I love what the comedian Mark Lowery used to say in one of his routines, “Christ said that I have come to give you life, but not just life – life more abundant.”1 If life is full of these emotions and sensations, abundant life means more of this…


Ride with the windows down…

Embrace the sting of sicking your arm out of the window…

Get your hair messy in the breeze…

Take in the smell of the fresh cut grass and the odor of the skunk near by…

Experience the life you have now. Anything less amounts to rejecting a wonderful gift from God.

God Bless,

1. http://nontech.org/lifemoreabundant.html

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