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Declaring the Glory of God

A beautiful day serves to declare the glory of God!

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Only Half a Gospel…

And he sternly ordered them not to tell anyone about him.” – Mark 8:30

Ever read that verse or ones like it and wondered, “Why is Jesus telling people to not tell everyone about Him? Isn’t that the point?!” After healing people, Jesus often says to them to tell no one.


Why is Jesus not wanting people to rush off and tell the world what God has done?

Does that make any sense?

I’ve often struggled with these words of Jesus. I mean, God in flesh is limiting who knows about Him. Odd…

Or is it?

I love God… I was working through Mark 8 recently for a sermon and God just dumped this truth on me. Jesus tells people, in particularly those whom He has just healed to not tell anybody because they’ve only experienced half a Gospel. Jesus heals the sick, feeds the hungry, and has compassion on people… all of this is true and good. Yet it’s only half of the Gospel. What Jesus is trying to curb is people only running off with only half of a whole… the easy half. Read more…

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God is not angry with you

Published on February 28, 2012 by in Doubt, Love, Sin

“God is not angry with you.” This was one of the simplest yet profound things I’ve heard this weekend.

So much is packed in that small sentence, so much relief…

God does what we often are not capable of… separating what we do from who we are.

We sin.

We make mistakes.

We hurt people.

We hurt ourselves.

We wrap our actions into the way we see ourselves, but God doesn’t.

God isn’t angry with us, but what we do. We sin. But who are is God’s creation. And let me tell you, God loves His creation… Read more…

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God Likes LEGOs

From what I know about God, He likes LEGOs…

Some of you may think that God likes Hot Wheels more, or maybe G.I Joes (or for you girls “Barbies” but I have a strong aversion to even having the thought that God likes Barbies.) It all depends on the way you understand God…

The God I believe in likes LEGOs, not because they were my favorite toys growing up (literally, growing up half of my room was one large LEGO fort) but because I think the concept of LEGOs captures who God is at a deep level. God’s “will” allows for you to be creative!

I believe that God asks His creation to participate in furthering creation. I believe God gives us a big box of LEGOs and invites us to “have fun and create!” God gives each of us instructions to get to what He designed for us, but allows us room to add and change that plan. The God I believe in allows for my mistakes and encourages me to enjoy the process as I decide to put this thing called life together. And the Holy Spirit as the Master Builder gives me direction when I get off course or when my design is headed for failure; but ultimately God lets me make of my bricks what I decide. Read more…

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The “Stuff” God Says…

It is amazing the “stuff” God says…

It also is amazing the “stuff” people say too, and not in a good way.

This morning I was prompted to get up in the middle of a chapel and to put in my earphones as I walk to my car. As I stepped out of the building, I placed my iPod on shuffle, wondering what was to happen next. Now you must understand I’ve been dealing with horrible criticism from people so steeped in their sin, they only want to justify their actions. Talking against about porn on the internet is a touchy issue. Oh the internet… (Watch that video here.) So honestly, I sat in the back on chapel just to not be seen. Though I know that video was right, the backlash had me just wanting to hide…

But as I pressed play on my iPod, a strange song came on, “Your Mind Is Made Up” from the soundtrack of the movie Once. I thought, “this is novel.” I mean I like that song, but at this point I’m thinking I’m crazy for feeling God was wanting to talk to me through song. Then there was this verse… Read more…

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