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Pray for Abortion to End?

I saw some people holding signs today that read, “Pray for Abortion to End.” A sign like this begs the question, “what is going on here?”

I walked to a sandwich shop in Louisville, KY to pick up some lunch for my wife. As I traversed the 2 blocks to Subway, I passed many signs along my way: “We sell Guns!” “Free Diamonds” “No soliciting.” There were many signs, yet something about the first sign stood out to me. First, no other sign was being held by a person, much less a group of people. Something about this sign was different. Most signs are passive objects, but this sign was active. People were looking for people to actively participate in the message of their sign.

I then noticed the building they were in front of; it was an abortion clinic. (The fact it was so close to multiple gun dealers was almost laughable if it wasn’t so ironic.)

This tribe of protesters were passionate to end abortion. Although not actively marching, (they were huddled up since it was 30 degrees) their message was clear. Abortion is bad.

But have they missed something?

I believe yes.

Standing on the corner in sub-freezing weather is admirable but not changing anything. Catching a cold is going to be the end result of such an exercise.

Yet what if the sign read, “Can I Pray with You?” or “I listen well” or even, “I Care, So Does Jesus”? What then?

Which sign do you think would make real change in the life of a woman heading in for an abortion, one condemning their soon-to-be-decision, or one inviting them (with all of their messy life decisions) into believing something different about themselves and God?

My point is this, you and I can’t change society’s values or social issues by merely crying foul. But we can make a difference in the life of one person at a time. It may seem small, but at least it’s real change. Jesus has a way of affecting the most broken among us, one at a time.

Let’s focus on that.

Yet are we focusing on anything at all? At least brave folks were trying. Are you?

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