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Raw Honesty

Light Through Window

In every good movie, there I that one scene of honesty. It’s the moment when the actors encapsulate their characters. It’s the scene they show over and over at the Oscars because it stood out as raw and real. Every good relationship needs that same moment of honesty…many moments of honesty.

A deep and permeating relationship with God remains one of the most highly sought after yet undervalued and underdeveloped thing there is. Everyone wants deeper intimacy with the Lord yet few ever realize that depth.


Many of us lost our honesty somewhere along the way.

Not that we abandoned honesty on purpose, but through the busyness of life, that rawness and riches of an “us and God” relationship got lost. Jesus’ command to “Love God and love people” has failed to be our prime directive anymore… Does this sound familiar…

…or am I just projecting?

In the Methodist church there is a ceremony that my home church does once a year. It is a “Remember Your Baptism” ceremony. As I grow older that ceremony means more and more to me. It helps me return to the self-abandonment that coming to salvation brings. In those moments lies raw honesty with who you are and who God is.

When is the last time you sat and told God how you feel; the brutal truth of your experience? When is the last time you listened to God as He speaks amid the silence? How long has it been since you truly worshipped and forgot your cares, your burdens, and what others thought? True religion lies in truly loving God and people; and true love flows from raw honesty and deep intimacy with Jesus Christ.

A reader sent me a message recently, charging me to fall in love with being in the presence of God again. Wow, what a shock, and what a blessing of a message. It has challenged me to be honest with God in my relationship, to not take anything for granted, and to return to the joy that comes from being in His presence. And from being open and honest in His presence, I then have the capacity to love others.

So what does raw honesty look like for you in your relationship with God, and are you willing to risk everything for the intimacy that comes from it?

What is more, I consider everything a loss because of the surpassing worth of knowing Christ Jesus my Lord, for whose sake I have lost all things.” – Philippians 3:8a NIV

God Bless,

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