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Responding to “Why I hate Religion, but Love Jesus

Something did not sit well with me upon watching this incredibly well done viral video. Now many more brilliant people than I have critiqued the poor theology that is found in this video that millions are accepting as truth. I don’t want to rehash the same. You can read those great critiques here www.theamericanjesus.net and www.thegospelcoalistion.org

But I wanted to do a spoken word response to this incredibly popular video…

First I want to clear,
I call you my brother,
But brother I’ve got to say,
Your words are not in order.

You claim to hate religion
And Jesus came to save
But what do you think Jesus did
As He lived out all His days?

Jesus was a religious Jew
And lived out Jewish ways.
He did not despise His race,
His heritage or His birth names (Emmanuel, Prince of Peace, Messiah, Christ, Son of David…)

But Jesus did distinguish between
The religious and the liars,
Between the faithful and the poser,
Between His disciples and all the others

When Jesus claimed “It is finished”
He was referring to the law.
He fulfilled what was required
Bringing new life for us all.

And what about the Covenant
Both the Old and New?
You throw it under the bus
Because its religion too.

You trade religion for relationship
but what you don’t see
Is a relationship without religion
Can be anything I make it be.

True religion is a call
To love one another,
Help the widows and the orphans,
And call God the Father.

But the that religion you described
Is called hypocrisy
And hypocrisy is not always synonymous
With religiosity.

The religion of Christianity
Is not man’s reach for God.
But instead it’s God’s means
For us to know His Son.

You make some good points
That I will give you.
But to throw away religion
Is a slap to the One who made you!

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