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Somebody Stole My Seat!

Some guy just took me seat!


There are two type of people in the world, people who stake out their seats in a class and people who take other people’s seats in a class. After the first day, seats are set. And buddy, you don’t mess with my seat!

I walked into the classroom, and there he was sitting proud in the space I carved out for 4 hours yesterday!

And it hit me, I’m more concerned about “my seat” than I am about this guy. I’ve never talked to him before. Perhaps he’s new. Maybe he’s lonely. He may just need someone to smile at him and make him feel welcome.

Instead, I talk loudly, with obvious distain, about how many new people are here the second day… I know, not my proudest moment.

What is it about people’s pride that causes them, when offended, to be so consumed with themselves that they never consider others. You see it all too frequently in churches. People get offended and the drama ensues. The government is even worse with this. Why so much deadlock in Washington? Well its not for lack of ideas… it comes out of the extreme pride and the desire to score political points by making the other party look bad.


Yet sitting here staring at the back of the head of the guy who stole my seat, I’m thinking about how Jesus would approach this. First, I don’t think He would be too happy with my “righteous indignation” over my chair. Second, I’m sure He would remind me that people are more important than things or positions. You remember that Jesus talked about not choosing chairs of honor. But I think Jesus would rebuke my pride. With a gentle smile, a warm hand on my shoulder, and penetrating look into my eyes, Jesus would say, “Learn to really love…”

So I’m sittin on the back row, humbled, contemplating what loving people really looks like in the simplest of things…

I’ve heard it said recently, “Hate is not the opposite of love… pride is the opposite of love because love is truly selfless.”

We may not “hate” people, but how often are we struck with selfish pride? Instead, “Learn to really love…”

God Bless,

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