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The Most Faithful Response?

Worshipping or talking… Which is the most faithful response?

Recently I had the privilege of attending a large teen worship service. Once my portion of the service was over I went to find a seat. I saw two men sitting on the outskirts of the outdoor service. I sat with them. The worship music kicked up, and so did our conversation. Both men seemed skeptical of the “Christian” liturgy taking place. From the litany of worship songs, the hundreds of teens with hands in the air, to the evangelist who was capturing the attention of the crowd, these two men sat on the outside looking in, waiting to take down the stage long after the worship had ceased.

What was the more faithful response on my part? My thoughts kept racing between setting the example for any teens looking at me by joining in the worship, or spending the hour in conversation with these two men.

I believe God works in various ways. Sometimes He works through the big services, the calls to come forward, the timely worship music, the powerfully worded pastors, and sometimes He works in the simple conversations that happen all the time. For me, in that moment, I felt Him call me to the latter. I’m unclear how that conversation will play out in the overall picture of these men’s lives, but we enjoyed the conversation.

When is the last time you considered what the most faithful response is for a given situation? If we think it’s a “given” what our response should be, perhaps we are taking God and the way He works for granted. I’m finding more and more, that the most faithful response is the least common action.

God Bless,

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