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The Running Man: Missing out on the Face of God

I see a man frequently around campus. He stands out from the crowd for no other reason than he runs. Now I know nothing about the man, other than every time I see him, he’s running. He’s not in a jogging suit or in workout clothes, but wearing kakis with his briefcase in hand.

He runs.

I’m not sure if its due to an overzealous need for exercise or that he just doesn’t want to waste time, but when everyone is walking, he’s running. I saw him recently and thought how much life he must miss around him. Look at that picture above…God surrounds us with beauty in the everyday things and offers moments of rest and grace in that beauty. I’m afraid the running man misses this by rushing his way through creation.

Gingering walking while contemplating how lucky I was not to be zooming through my life, I realized, I was like this running man. Though our speed differed, I wasn’t allowing myself to soak up the world around me or spend time with the God who loves me either, maybe even more than him. Despite walking slowly, I found myself completely wrapped up in “me”, shutting out everything around me….

It comes down to a state of awareness. You can run through life and miss it all as the sacrifice for efficiency. Conversely you can walk through life and stay oblivious or just indifferent to the beauty and life around you. And by “missing it” you miss meeting with the God who gives beauty and life.

I find it interesting that in Genesis God gave humanity a Garden to not only live in, but God spent time with humanity, walking in the Garden during the cool of the day.

Hmm… Perhaps there is a correlation to soaking up the beauty of creation and walking with the Creator.

Whether running, walking, skipping, or frolicking, open your awareness to the life around you. Appreciate the mundane. Be overjoyed in beauty. See for the first time in a long time the people around you. In doing this you will find rest for your soul, and perhaps, see the face of God.

God Bless,

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