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The “Stuff” God Says…

It is amazing the “stuff” God says…

It also is amazing the “stuff” people say too, and not in a good way.

This morning I was prompted to get up in the middle of a chapel and to put in my earphones as I walk to my car. As I stepped out of the building, I placed my iPod on shuffle, wondering what was to happen next. Now you must understand I’ve been dealing with horrible criticism from people so steeped in their sin, they only want to justify their actions. Talking against about porn on the internet is a touchy issue. Oh the internet… (Watch that video here.) So honestly, I sat in the back on chapel just to not be seen. Though I know that video was right, the backlash had me just wanting to hide…

But as I pressed play on my iPod, a strange song came on, “Your Mind Is Made Up” from the soundtrack of the movie Once. I thought, “this is novel.” I mean I like that song, but at this point I’m thinking I’m crazy for feeling God was wanting to talk to me through song. Then there was this verse…

You see
“You’re just like everyone
When the shit falls, all you want to do is run… away
And hide all by yourself
When you’re far from me, there’s nothing else”
(click here for the song)

WOW… One, God used the word “shit” to talk to me. Second, it was completely accurate. I’m running away just like Elijah did in self pity after besting all of the false prophets on Mount Carmel (1 Kings 18). God used that verse like a holy kick in the rear to me, as if to say “Stop running away every time following me get tough!”

It is amazing the stuff God says when we take the risk of looking ridiculous to really listen…

I’m listening now.

God Bless,

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