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To Those Who Cut…


So many hide in silence, depressed and confused, taking out their hurts and frustration on their own bodies, cutting.

Maybe that’s you…

From what other’s have done to you, to your own pain, you feel as though you have to deal with. And you don’t know how to deal with it nor do you want to deal with it anymore.

So you cut.

It numbs the pain you feel inside. With every cut, you escape from one pain into another. You may even think about ending it all. You hide the marks and your shame so no one else is bothered by your problems. You feel alone.

But you are not…

Jesus lovingly and willing accepted the scars so you don’t have to inflict them on yourself. You may not know what love is exactly, but its there, waiting on you…

Find someone to talk too, someone who loves Jesus and knows what that love means. Tell them how you feel. Don’t bare what you were not meant to carry any longer. Find love.

God Bless,

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