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“Veiled Dimness of Pride”

It is a veil of dimness. It sets in over our lives like the tint on a car window. It starts off only slightly shading our lives but gradually grows darker and darker so that we don’t even know that things are changing. And the nature of it is that it will skew our perception completely. Eventually it causes us to look at the world so unnaturally that we develop a sense of distinctiveness, superiority, or entitlement. This is the nature of Pride.

Pride is subversive. It enters in as a seemingly harmless entity, fostering excellence and ownership in a person’s life. But if left unchecked it runs wild, corrupting perceptions in every facet of a person’s life. Its no wonder that pride is the root of all sin. It was pride that led Lucifer to fall from heaven. It was pride left Eve wanting to be like a god. At the root of almost every sin is a person’s pride, convincing them that they are entitled to whatever luxury or pleasure that comes from such an action.

But pride causes us to not see people the way that God does. We see them through the lens of self-serving pride which always uses and abuses but never gives back. Why are things such as porn, drugs, human trafficking, and poverty so rampant across the world? Its because pride has dimmed our perception of how our actions affect others. Its hard to look on someone else with compassion when we think we are better than or deserve more than someone else.

Yet it was humility in a friend’s heart that was the beckon of light that shattered the veil of pride that has begun to coat my life as of late. I never even saw my pride until the dimness began to crack. And that is why pride is so dangerous, you never realized how much pride has taken over until you see true humility. Humility beats pride every time. It is the humility of the Cross that can shatter even the darkest of pride in the human heart. So seek humility, pray for humility even if you don’t see pride starring you down. It will change who you are, and allow you to see the world through the eyes of Christ.

“When pride comes, then comes disgrace, but with humility comes wisdom.” – Proverbs 11:2

God Bless,

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