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We Responsible for Unbelief?

Our actions matter… Everything from what we do in private to the way we act with our friends, all of it matters.

I talk with atheists and unbelievers all the time. Often times I come away wondering if we as Christians participate or even cause people to turn away from God. I sit dumbfounded that many people turn to non-belief because they feel as though its the most moral choice. Why? Partially because they believe the Old Testament is wrought with violence. Yet history and cultural context debunks much of this logic. But the other reason many turn to atheism and unbelief? Christians. They see Christians profess love, forgiveness, faith, and Jesus, yet in actuality they see little of this lived out in “Christian” lives. Instead of participation into what they think is a corrupt system, they chose to just live “morally” devoid of faith in Jesus. They substitute moral living with transformation in Christ. So by our lack of Christ-likeness, do we in effect cause people to turn away from God?

Why give your life to a Deity when even His followers refuse to obey?

By our desire to please ourselves in whatever manner we like, from the way we party, to the way we gossip, our actions hinder God’s desire to reach the world. Christ called us to be His hands and feet in order to impact the world, but He meant that in a positive way… Christ calls us to come and die to self so that we might really live.

We need less self-justification for our actions more self-sacrifice if we desire to actually follow Christ. We wonder why people constantly turn away from anything to do with religion, then perhaps we ought to look in the mirror. Our actions define the way people perceive God. We are His Church, may we act as such, both privately and publicly. Our actions matter…

“Be perfect, therefore, as your heavenly Father is perfect.” – Matthew 5:48 NIV

God Bless,

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