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Why Death and Pain are not the Opposite of Life…

Death is not always the opposite of life, sometimes it’s the punctuation. For some it is the exclamation! But I believe it is the comma, a mere pause in the journey of forever.

They go on… we don’t… at least not yet.

Those left behind feel the sympathy pains of death. We feel the sadness and the nag of regret, the pain that exists beyond death.

The dead don’t…

Our deceased loved ones cease to feel the way we do now. The people at the bottom of the obituary, the alive pick up the pain where the dead leave it off.

In one of the most profound works of fiction I have read (masked as young adult fiction), the author John Green writes, “That’s the thing about pain…it demands to be felt.” (from The Fault in Our Stars)

Pain demands to be present.

And pain is present in death for those left alive, no matter how the dead lived their life. Make sense? Even when we know our loved one loved Jesus, pain still remains.

Pain hurts,

Death hurts.

But death is not the opposed to life nor is it to be feared. It simply is.


Death stands as the bridge into the hereafter, eternity. In Christ, death marks the end of the prequel and begins the forever; and forever is good.

Pain isn’t to be pushed aside, neglected, or ignored either. It demands to be felt. Life is feeling, so live…feel…cry…laugh…love…forgive. Don’t shy away from any of it.

God Bless,

(In memory of my Grandmother Mary Wilcox [1925-2012], who always taught me to make the most of what you have now. I love you Grandma..)

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