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You Can’t Tweet the Gospel?

“You can’t really tweet the gospel”

Lately I’ve racked my brain, trying to imagine what the next evolution of what faith looks like online. Yet these words from Rob Bell (I respect the man deeply, but I seemingly can’t get away from him recently) have haunted me. I firmly believe in the impact of social media on humanity. From the rise of Facebook as a way of life, to YouTube changing the way we think through issues and enjoy entertainment, to Twitter’s role in the overthrow of governments, social media has become a huge factor in the development of this generation.

But is the Gospel divorced from this new segment of our lives? Is there room for the Gospel in a Tweet?

I’ve come to realize that faith online is mere reflections of the real thing. It’s good, but there is something better.

The Gospel is lived out action.

It cannot be Tweeted, it must be lived. The Gospel is expressed in messy relationships between you and God and you and other people. It must be lived.

Yet do we understand the idea of the Gospel? Ideas are best expressed in the simplest form. Simple ideas work like a virus; they are small yet profound, and they replicate…

Have you internalized the Gospel well enough to express it in it’s simplest form? Could you express it in 140 characters or less?

Think on it.

Try it.

Do we understand it? Do we live it?

The world needs Christians online. But the world needs us in person even more.


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